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Sales growth boosted by FullSEO

Anamika Pal
Professional SAS Tutors, Owner

— Semalt has become the one stop solution for us for all our SEO related needs. As a small business organization we did not find a trusted SEO company which could help us achieve our goals in a tight budget. We did waste a lot of money here and there but all our troubles came to end after I had used the SEO services from Semalt.

We started with AutoSEO which worked really well and within 2 months we upgraded to FullSEO. Now with the help of SEMALT we as a small business are able to compete with big market players.

All credit goes to SEMALT.

They provide the perfect balance between affordability and uncompromised quality that aims to bring their customers the results they expect and even more.

They provide SEO technology and fulfillment services for organizations from various industries and niches. Their in-house team is able to provide affordable, effective and customizable SEO.

At the end we would say SEO means SEMALT for us.

Domain Age
2 years 2 months
Online and local analytics training
Internal optimization
Heavy misuse of SEO methods and overuse of keywords in text content.
Having started with AutoSEO package the client switched to the FullSEO later. Also they decided to commission an Exclusive explainer video.
Project on SEO
5 mon of AutoSEO, 4 mon of FullSEO.


While the project’s main objective is to increase sales via Google organic traffic, we also carry out additional tasks like performing internal and external optimization, improving productivity and helping the website enter the competition on the market, by getting it to Google TOP in the shortest terms possible.


Internal optimization

First, we ran a semantic analysis of the website’s structure and kernel. Then we divided the promoted phrases into pages according to the website’s structure and began optimizing the webpages under promotion.

With this issue solved, we proceeded with the technical part:

Added the website to the
Google Webmaster Tool
Increased website’s
loading speed

Initially the website’s loading speed was quite low. It used to take more than 7 seconds to download website's 2mb page. We also have considerably improved engine’s performance, enabled compression, leverage browser caching, optimized heavy images and worked with CSS files to enhance the website’s site load speed.


(January 10, 2014 )
As a result, we managed to cut
the loading time to

less than 1 second.

  • Changed meta tags, making them more compliant with new search engine standards:
    A. Title includes the main keyword only and brand name is not over 65 symbols.
    B. Description contains basic information about the company’s services and is not above the symbol limit.
  • Internal links closed – we added no-follow attributes to external links to avoid link weight loss
  • ALT tags added – we added relevant ALT tags to the images in the promoted pages
  • Text HTML ratio is approximately 25%
  • Broken links and Error 404 pages removed – in order to reduce the number of structural errors to 0 we found and deleted broken links
  • No errors in Robots.txt detected
  • Generated an actual sitemap.xml for proper indexation
  • Google friendly. Our experts gave recommendations on the responsive website layout
  • Usability improved. The web-master improved the conversion by following our suggestions

Working with links

  • Interlinking added – for correct internal linking and link weight distribution we added internal links to promoted pages with keywords within several text pages with articles. We also placed several links in the website’s news and articles to pass the weight to the main page.
  • We began natural links placing on the niche-related web resources relevant to the website content. The placed links are integrated into unique content, allowing us to achieve perfect results. Semalt base has more than 50,000 high-quality partner sites on various subjects. Sites are carefully selected by domain age and Google Trust Rank.
Brand name

Content writing and adding

We have detected sever misuse of SEO tactics and a keyword overload in the text. The text was processed and edited
Added text with titles – in order to enhance relevance of the pages to promoted keywords and to increase HTML/text ratio we have added text to the existing text blocks. The text volume increased to 1000+ words on the homepage and 500+ words on other promoted pages. We also removed h1 tags to have proper headings structure.
Added relevant content, removed referer spamming.
Assisted in creating a successful website promotion plan which includes adding multimedia content. (Exclusive content).
Offered to launch extra article writing campaign that brought effective results and client’s gratitude. We used articles on the external platforms, purchased at specialized digital point (DP) forum.


A lot of work has been done on internal and technical website optimization and system content marketing. The latter once again demonstrated its significant influence on search engines and brand recognizability. It is important to remember that content marketing brings positive and tangible results only when done right. Otherwise all your efforts have the opposite, counterproductive effect on your business.

Key success factors:

  • Removal of all technical errors prior to the campaign
  • Content organization
  • Dynamic link building and trustworthy related link placement
  • Sales growth boosted by Google organic traffic
  • Opportunity to compete with other rivals on the market
  • Constant, systematic website maintenance
It is important to remember that if the project is promoted from scratch, tangible growth and results are expected in 6-8 months after promotion. This statistics includes not only this project but dozens of other projects over the past year.

Starting data

Beginning the cooperation

Current data

After cooperation with SEMALT

General Audience Overview

Nov 2014 - Sep 2015

With our teamwork and client’s active contribution we achieved great results. Branded traffic is growing and new clients keep flowing, so naturally now the company is able to compete with bigger rivals on the market.
Let’s launch an effective FullSEO campaign that will help your business grow
in the shortest time possible.

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