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From 0.99$ to Top Google

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Features of the site
Website http://lanouba-sugarfree.com/ is an online store specializing in selling low-carb Belgian-produced chocolate products. Company LA NOUBA TM has offices across Europe, and that is why the site has several language versions:
The LA NOUBA company executive has noted a tendency that the English-speaking market segment is the fastest-growing and most targeted one, that is the reason why the management has decided to bet on the promotion of the English-language site version.
The client was interested in attracting traffic to his website in order to increase his sales all around the world. Client's goal was to attract targeted traffic to his online store with the help of highly competitive general search queries:
  • low carb marshmallows
  • sugarfree marshmallows
  • sugar free belgian chocolate
  • belgian sugar free chocolate
  • sugarless marshmallows
Technical works for trial month of Autoseo
On February 1, we started working on the site http://lanouba-sugarfree.com.

1)   First, our experts conducted a brief website audit, over the course of which they found out that the website was not under        the filter, and it was ranked in the search results:

2)   Our team selected the most traffic generating keywords and added them into the AutoSEO campaign according to the
       theme of the site and client’s wishes.

3)    After thematic queries had been selected, we started AutoSEO campaign.
We found out that SEO text was practically absent on the site – a very important factor, which prevents the site promotion because Google evaluates the percentage of useful text, more text – more trust. For such sites, SEO text absence is the main promotion obstacle. The primary recommendation for the client was to write an extensive high-quality text for the home page, where general queries should be mentioned.

According to Google Adwords, this is a high-volume query. That means that it should be mentioned in the text to promote the website to the TOP of Google.

The trial month enhanced the site traffic, but targeted keyword did not take those positions, which they could take in the Google TOP, because of the text absence on the home page.
Technical works for long-term AutoSEO
As SEO promotion needs time to achieve top results and the client was satisfied with increasing the traffic to his website, it was decided to buy a long-term AutoSEO package for a six months period, during which our SEO-experts would correct all internal errors on the site and write a quality SEO-text.

After the long-term AutoSEO project was started, our experts start working on internal site optimization.

1)   SEO-experts optimized meta tags (Title & Meta Description) according to the latest demands of the Google search engine.

2)  The initial task of the optimization was to write the text for the home page. Our copywriters have written high-quality SEO       text,containing most traffic generating keywords, which were evenly distributed in the text. In this way, the text looks organic       to the search bots. Relevant text was added to the homepage.

3)  Added alt attributes to all the images of the website. It is quite important for the optimization because skillfully used alt       attributes allow promoting the page to the TOP of Google as well as acquiring traffic through Google Image Search
4)   Prevent 404 errors from being indexed, as 404 errors on a site are "broken links". The likelihood that a client will leave the site and never come back increases greatly when the client encoun-ters the 404-error page.
    On the 20th of March, after internal optimization of the site was finished and the text was indexed by Google, the graph shows the significant increase of website visibility.

As a result, we see an optimized website with a quality content, continuing to increase backlinks in number and to improve its position in Google. At the moment, the site has top positions not only by the brand keywords but also by the general


Let us recall, that at the beginning of the campaign, only three keywords were in Google top 100:
In over two months, the keywords that did not have positions in the Google SERP have taken the top positions:

Here you can see how our external optimization helps to achieve better positions for the targeted keywords in just two
months of linkbuilding:
Lets's summarize the results
AutoSEO promotion has provided the quality website growth in the Search Engine Results Pages, even taking to account the presence of serious errors at the stage of the promotion campaign according to the Google search engine. Semalt company's experts have helped to eliminate these errors: they conducted high-quality internal optimization and wrote an informative traffic-generated content, as well as backlinks placement was started according to the developed SEO strategy. As a result, the site has improved its position in the search engine result pages and has attracted the attention of potential customers and brought sales.
Let's launch an effective AutoSEO campaign that will help you attract
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