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Aquí encontrará casos sobre los proyectos que llevaron a cabo nuestros clientes y su camino hacia el éxito. ¡Cada proyecto tiene su propia historia y su propio enfoque! ¡Le aconsejamos que se inspire en dicho crecimiento!

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From a concept to a
online business

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Yana Shafarenko Success Stories

The client had an idea to support young African artists by creating a website, where the artists would be able to upload and popularize their tracks and videos at a profit. The website was intended to allow users to listen to the music, view videos and download them within the Pay per Go system.

The client provided several prototype websites with the most appealing design and features. Our main task was to develop a completely new modern website that must include the following features:

  1. A music media player;
  2. A convenient website search system;
  3. An option to view videos;
  4. An option to download video/tracks via Pay per Go;
  5. A user cabinet (with different functions for artists and users);
  6. Banners for advertisements.


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