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The way to Google TOP for energy company

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Website specifics

energyces.com -- the official website of the Custom Energy Solutions company, specialized in consulting small and medium enterprises on cutting down energy expenses in the city of Edison, NJ, USA.

After several laws prohibiting utility companies’ monopoly were approved in the USA, the competition in the energy supply field has grown. The strife for consumers accelerated the appearance of many private companies, which provide custom energy solutions for business. Because gas and electricity bills from various suppliers turned out to be very costly for the consumers, they realized the importance of finding ways to save on the energy consumption and the need for energy-saving consultants like energyces.com.


The beginning of the partnership

Following the partners’ positive Semalt SEO company reviews, the Custom Energy Solutions company took an interest in the AutoSEO package, within which our experts select the relevant semantic kernel to aid our automatic system promotion via trusted partner websites.

Our manager explained the client that promotion via it takes 3 to 8 months for AutoSEO to yield top results, depending on the level of competition in the project’s field and the website’s optimization level. Also, the manager informed the client about the internal errors that were present on the website and could negatively affect the promotion: lack of SEO texts, incorrect meta tags, images lacking alt attributes, 404 error pages. After this the manager stated that after the AutoSEO purchase our experts either provide clients with detailed error removal and rankings growth recommendations or correct the errors themselves at customer's approval. This made the client to make a decision to purchase a long-term AutoSEO for 6 months in order to increase the website rankings for main targeted queries:

  1. Edison energy company
  2. energy firm Edison
  3. energy сost reduction Edison

AutoSEO campaign start

The AutoSEO campaign for energyces.com was launched on February 23

1. Our SEO-experts run a website analysis after which they found out that the website is not penalized (screenshot 1) and ranks properly in Google search results.

screenshot 1

2. As the company mostly operates in Edison, NJ, a localization of keywords was in order. Our keyword analysts created semantic kernel from local queries based on «energy firm Edison» in order to get local targeted traffic.

3. A list of recommendations for the website’s internal structure was created. The client successfully implemented all of them. The recommendations were the following:

  • Actualization of meta tags according to the latest Google requirements (screenshot 2)
screenshot 2
  • Concealing the 404 error pages, because this type of pages is not useful to users and can negatively impact website’s reputation.
  • Alt tags writing for better Google Images search.

4. Our experts launched a system that placed links on trusted partner websites.

In a month of AutoSEO, the error fixing together with quality link placement based on the balanced keywords set brought first positive results: the website became more visible to both users and search engines (screenshot 3) and search engine rankings of the relevant queries have increased (screenshot 4)

screenshot 4

The keyword, which was marked essential by the client, started ranking in top search results in a month of AutoSEO (screenshot 5)

screenshot 5

The client found the results immensely satisfying: just in a month, the number of visitors and conversion rate of applications sent by various enterprises has grown.

Seeing the positive influence of link building campaign on the website and decent traffic growth, the Custom Energy Solutions company decided to accelerate the promotion in order to get their website rank in top search results for the main keywords till summer 2016. Taking their wish into account, our manager offered them to switch to a FullSEO package, which allows a website to achieve top results in 2-4 months. This happens because our experts place links to influential websites manually, fix all negatively affecting errors and fill the website with informative texts.

FIY: When granted access to the website, our experts quickly fix the website loading speed and create unique SEO texts that are valuable for users and raise website’s credibility for search engines

As Semalt’s SEO has met all client’s expectations in the first month of the collaboration, the client decided to switch to the FullSEO package. The funds were transferred from the 6 month AutoSEO to the FullSEO promotion. The process of website promotion to Google TOP via FullSEO is described below.

Note: If you decide to switch to another Semalt package or service while your current promotion campaign is still in action, we will transfer the funds you paid for the current service/package to fit your new solution. To make it happen, just inform your client success manager about your decision

FullSEO campaign start

The FullSEO campaign for energyces.com was launched on May 29.

1. Our keyword analysts advised to diversify the promotion set with both local and general low-frequency queries based on the following keywords (screenshot 6):

screenshot 6

2. As the website loading speed was less than desirable (screenshot 7), the experts decided to improve it via caching the data (screenshot 8) as much as the client’s server software would allow it.

Website loading speed before caching:

screenshot 7

Website loading speed after caching:

screenshot 8

3. The website featured short texts that were non-informative to users. This is why our team decided to fill the website with high quality SEO text that featured keywords, essential for promotion. After the text was written, our experts added it to the website (screenshot 9) to increase its visibility to users and increase website’s credibility.

screenshot 9

4. Together with technical adjustments, our SEO experts manually placed links to the relevant and trusted partner websites.

FIY: Manual link placement accelerates the promotion effect, because our experts select only aged partner websites with high Google Trust Rank and relevance to the subject and search zone of the promoted project

FullSEO results

The manual link building campaign and adjusting the website according to the latest Google requirements brought positive results in the first two months of promotion: the keywords that did not rank in search results now have top rankings (screenshot 10)

screenshot 10

Currently, 60% of targeted keywords from the set are on the first search results page (screenshot 11)

screenshot 11
Note: The statistics show that 90% of users visit the websites displayed on the first page of search results — first 10 websites a.k.a ТОP-10. Only 10% of users choose to view the second page or other pages. Therefore, the first page in Google search results is the most client-generating place for a website

Our experts estimate that further FullSEO collaboration will bring 80-90% of keywords to the first page of Google search results. Today, over 30 keywords that did not have any positions rank in Google TOP100 (screenshot 12)

screenshot 11

Meanwhile the client saw the organic traffic growth both from Edison city and from the entire New Jersey state and the significant increase of calls to the website. In the pre-SEO promotion days, the company's main revenue was depending on the loyal customer base only, because new clients were not able to find the website on the Internet. Nowadays, after the SEO promotion has increased the site visibility, the customer base is constantly getting updated with new clients.



SEO takes time — this is a fact, proven by all experienced SEO companies. However, it is possible to spend less time on growing the website authority by using the FullSEO promotional package within the Semalt system, because FullSEO means much more than a mere quality backlinks placement for a website manually performed by our experts. It also includes all corrections, which are vital for the fast results: from unique SEO text writing to fixing internal errors that are slowing the website promotion.

As we stated before, 60% of keywords have found their way to Google TOP 10 in 2 months, causing the significant traffic growth. According to our experts, it would have taken 6 months for an AutoSEO campaign to achieve similar results.

To illustrate the point further, we composed a table of main differences between our promotion packages — AutoSEO and FullSEO.

Criteria AutoSEO FullSEO
Time to achieve top results 3 - 8 months 2 - 3 months
Link placing strategy Links are placed automatically by our system Links are placed manually by our experts
Internal website audit Texts uniqueness check, scanning for internal errors Texts uniqueness and relevance to each URL check, internal website structure analysis, meta tags check, scanning for internal errors
External website audit Check for Google penalties Check for Google penalties + link juice quality and website relevance analysis
Fixing website errors Fixing basic errors after first month (closing 404 error pages, meta tags correction, working with robots.txt, website map) Prompt basic errors fixing + improving website loading speed, SEO texts writing, microformat configuration
Texts writing Only in long term packages Included
Content strategy Writing informative texts for users and search engines Developing a content strategy based on the special features of each individual project and its target audience
Price First month – 0,99$, following months – 99$, discounts on long-term packages and for clients with several paid projects Starts with 300$ per month depending on the website subject and number of promoted web pages. The price is discussed individually for every separate project
Beneficial offers Extra discounts for those who buy long term packages for 6 months or more

Our client’s objective was to achieve top results in short terms. After seeing the efficiency of the AutoSEO package, the client decided to get more positive results even faster and invest more into their website via FullSEO. As you can see, the mentioned above results have fully met the client’s expectations. Currently energyces.com is a fully optimized website with unique content that ranks high for relevant queries.

This case became a shining example of Semalt SEO being productive and efficient within AutoSEO and FullSEO framework. AutoSEO is a budget-friendly and effective way to rise your website ratings in Google SERP in 3-8 months. However if you wish to quickly promote your project to Google TOP in 2-3 months, then FullSEO is the most reliable and balanced way to optimize your website and increase your sales.

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