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    6 years
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    United Kingdom
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    Log cabins and timber buildings construction and installation services

Features of the site

Beaver Log Cabins is a company specializing in design engineering of wooden constructions and their installation in the UK. At first, the company conducted offline sales in Cheshire region only, but after a while, it started to expand and broaden the assortment. The top management decided to develop a website in order to increase sales in the UK online.

For a few years, the site with quality and unique content had poor rankings in Google TOP and the webmaster started searching for an SEO company, which could dramatically increase organic traffic and a number of transactions for www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk.

Webmaster’s eye was caught by an article about Semalt Company in Forbes magazine, which made him interested in described services and moved him to register the project at semalt.com

Article link:

The beginning of the partnership

Semalt Support manager contacted the client in order to discuss goals of the registration and explain advantages of website promotion with the help of our system. The main problem was a small number of site visitors. The client’s goal was to attract targeted organic traffic from the UK. In the course of the discussion, the client decided to test our services within AutoSEO package.

This service allows natural link building on the niche-related web resources with the content, which is relevant to the promoted website. Furthermore, the price of the trial month of AutoSEO promotion is only 0,99$.

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Technical works for trial month of AutoSEO

On January 8, our experts began working on the website www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk.

1. While conducting technical audit of the site, our specialists discovered that the site was not affected by Google Penalties and was present in Google SERP:

2. A list of the most client generating keyword queries was created based on analysis of competitors:

Note:Competitor analysis gives the comprehensive information on their market positions. The effective use of this information keeps you always one-step ahead: proper search engine optimization, promotion, and advertising campaigns

3. A balanced set of queries for website promotion was developed according to the mentioned above keywords.

4. Our SEO experts examined the text uniqueness on the web source and found the content to be unique and informative.

FYI:Text on a website should clearly describe a service or product, attract attention, show evident advantages for prospective clients and call them to action

5. As the website had unique content, it was chosen to implement a traffic-increasing strategy of backlink placement on niche-related resources rather than text rewriting.

6. The system began automatic link juice growth with the help of our unique white-hat technology:

  • The above graph clearly shows that more than 1000 backlinks were placed on our partner sites by the system during the first day of link juice growth
Note:Semalt database has more than 50,000 high-quality partner sites of various subjects. The sites are carefully selected according to the domain age and Google Trust Rank.

Results of trial AutoSEO

High-quality linkbuilding was the main objective due to the AutoSEO campaign strategy, which implied growing of the link juice on trusted websites.

  • The graph shows that just in one month of the $0.99 AutoSEO package subscription our system placed over 1300 links to the site www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk

At the beginning of the case, we denoted high competition keywords with better rankings of the competing websites:

    1. log homes
    2. log cabins uk
    3. log cabin kit
    4. garden cabin
    1. log cabin homes uk
    2. log houses uk
    3. log cabin to buy

The main emphasis of the linkbuilding campaign was laid exactly on these keywords. Let us see the dynamics of keyword positions during the trial month of AutoSEO package:

As you can observe, the most targeted traffic-generating keywords acquired positions in TOP 30 and TOP 10 of Google just in one month.

Even more, as the set for promotion was balanced and developed on the basis of previous queries, positions of other relevant keywords were lifted to Google TOP 10 as well.

Examples of the most traffic-generating ones are shown below:

According to Google Adwords, the abovementioned keyword queries are highly competitive:

The client noted that the number of website visitors has significantly increased and, consequently, the sales were boosted. Even more, during the trial month of AutoSEO at 0.99$, a bulk order of log cabins in Manchester was placed on the website. The client was pleasantly surprised because during a winter season sale volumes of timber had been at very low levels before the SEO promotion was started.

The burst of visitors’ activity on the website occurred due to dramatic changes in the keyword positions caused by professionally selected keywords and link placement on relevant trusted partner sites. The following diagram provides comprehensive illustration:

Just in one month of the 0.99$ AutoSEO package, the significant growth of keyword positions is noted, which leads to an increased number of website visitors.

As the client was satisfied with the results and experienced benefits from the promotion with the help of Semalt Company, he decided to continue the cooperation.

Further partnership

In the course of the further cooperation, our SEO experts adhered to the initial strategy: increasing the link juice and supporting the links on trusted web sources.

The link juice growth was gradual in order to convince search engines in its organic nature:

  • The graph shows that over 2’000 links were placed before March 20

The client noted the even better growth of organic traffic as well as increased number of phone calls made by prospective customers.

In addition, the webmaster of www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk appraised comprehensive analytics service provided by our Website Analyzer. With the help of its recommendations within our system, he was able to solely correct errors in the code, which were preventing the internet site from further promotion.

Note:On August 2015, we implemented a new error correction service. If clients cannot submit the altered code of internal optimization by themselves for some reason, our specialists can do it for them. All you need is to give us the CMS and FTP access to your website, and our SEO-department will correct errors on your site and optimize it in a proper way matching SEO industry requirements
  • On a weekly basis, our Support manager sent reports of AutoSEO promotion dynamics, while the webmaster was able to request any additional information regarding the system anytime they needed just by clicking the “Support” button:

Meanwhile, the positions were improving further. The following graph shows the significant progress from the beginning of AutoSEO campaign on January 8 to March 25:

All rankings of high competition keywords were promoted to Google TOP 30 and TOP 20:

The following diagram shows that more than 500 keywords acquired positions in TOP 100:

Many keywords that did not have positions at the moment of the beginning of AutoSEO are now ranked in TOP 30 and even TOP 10:

These facts allow us to make a conclusion that AutoSEO promotion of www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk website met the client’s goal of attracting targeted traffic completely. The positions were boosted, and the number of transactions was increased. Just in 2.5 months of the work aimed at promotion the trust rank of the site became noticeably better.

Canceled subscription

At the beginning of the work, our Support manager explained to the client that it takes from 2 to 5 months in order to achieve TOP results within AutoSEO package. In 2.5 months the tangible results of the linkbuilding along with its positive influence on website rankings in Google TOP could be clearly observed.

According to the calculations of our SEO experts, a majority of the site keywords could acquire positions in Google TOP 10 before July. Unfortunately, the client made a decision to cancel AutoSEO subscription appealing to the fact that website trust rank was improved, and a majority of the keywords had TOP positions, which led them to a conclusion that the website did not need promotion anymore.

  • The following graph shows that after the 25th of March, AutoSEO system started to remove all previously build links:

2 weeks after the subscription was canceled:

In 2 weeks after the backlinks were removed, the significant decrease of website positions in main queries can be clearly observed:

The presented dynamics data shows that the keywords from Google TOP 30 have lost their positions substantially. As the majority of the queries is commercial, the number of visitors on the website has decreased several times comparing to activity during the linkbuilding campaign.

The above-stated dynamics is an obvious confirmation of the fact the SEO needs time. Expenses on SEO promotion are investments in a website and, consequently, in business. The longer the links to your site are supported, the better its trust rank becomes.

Besides commercial queries, positions of relevant general queries were decreased as well:

The most damage was done to TOP 30 rankings, which could enter TOP 10 in the next month.

2 months after the subscription was canceled:

We have tracked dynamics of website positions after 2 months of link removal by our systems. The dynamics are deplorable; the keywords from the TOP have lost their positions in SERP at all:

The dynamics allow us to make a conclusion that TOP 50 and TOP 30 positions were lost as well.

In 2 month of canceled AutoSEO campaign for the website www.beaverlogcabins.co.uk, more than 150 positions in Google TOP 30 and over 170 in Google TOP 50 dropped. Such process has a disastrous impact on website visibility in SERP, which leads to a negative effect on company sales.

Commercial queries were exposed to the dramatic decline as well:


We cannot help repeating: SEO needs time. Investing resources in website promotion has the directly-proportional correlation: the more time you spend on effective promotion, the better website visibility will be. As the result: the number of site visitors is increased, and the trust level of the source is improved.

This specific site is a prominent example of the promotion potential, which could have been achieved if the campaign were prolonged for several months.

In result – in two months the website has lost the positions it had at the moment when AutoSEO campaign was purchased:

Semalt strongly advises its clients not to make a short leap of logic. AutoSEO shows real results in a course of time. Depending on theme competitiveness and current status of a website AutoSEO takes from 2 till 12 months to achieve top results.

So be patient and leave all worries about improving your website positions to Semalt. We need some time to help you.

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